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I have found Praxis ICT that has provided an excellent back office management system not only to store customers and employee’s details, but to aid the business process from start to finish.

Mike Hansen,
Director at Saddleback SEO Inc.
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Reservation System for Hotel/Property/Resort Booking PDF Print

This software is designed which has option to book multiple hotel from different location with different hotel admin config feature for each & every hotel separately with PORTAL management structure. It has also simple version for single hotel or group hotels owners. Though it is online portal based solution however easily customizable for desktop base solution. Features are described below: 

Portal Administrator feature:
1.  User Account: Allow admin to create unlimited  hotel admin account. If admin want super hotel admin account admin can create from here in order to maintain all hotel account information from one control panel. Admin can also create hotel admin account from front end of the website.
2.  Country Component: Allow admin to create any country and enable / disable feature from search module list. Admin can add unlimited country.
3.  State Component: Allow admin to create state under any country and enable / disable feature from search module list. Admin can add unlimited state under any country.
4.  City Component: Allow admin to create city under any country > state and enable / disable feature from search module list. Admin can add unlimited city under any country.
5.  Hotel Facility Component: Allow admin to add unlimited hotel and room facility (facility icon and details) so each hotel admin can select required hotel and room facility for his/her room and hotels.
6.  Room Type Component: Allow admin to create unlimited room type. During adding hotels room each hotel admin can select types of from this list.
7.  Booking Details Component: Allow admin to review all success booking / reservation details information. From this section admin can send confirmation or cancellation message to guest admin or hotel admin.
8.  User Comments & Rating Component: Allow admin to manage all comments of Guest between hotels; easy way from joomla site administrator area.
9.  Discount Coupon: Allow admin to create unlimited discount coupon and define coupon starting and ending date for admin, guest or agent.
10.  Global Configuration: Allow admin to configure feature based on configuration settings; here admin can set lots of feature using single click which make  easy to use and simple to manage.
11.  Top Destination: Allow admin define unlimited top destination for quick browsing based on specific state and country; This feature give a huge flexibility to web admin and website user to display with user friendly navigation.

Super Hotel Admin feature: After login as super admin; you can manage each hotel's information as admin.

Hotel Admin feature:
1.  Hotel Information: Here admin can define all required hotel information.
  - Required state and city under any country, admin can define hotel admin email address.
  - Admin can define hotel star status, commission & payment percentage.
  - Admin can define quick description or search result page content and define display image.
  - Admin can define Contact Information and configure Google map.
  - Admin can add Hotel Information and add unlimited images.
  - Admin can add Food & Beverage and add unlimited images.
  - Admin can add Area Information and add unlimited images.
  - Admin can add Travel Information and add unlimited images.
  - Admin can add Important Information and add unlimited images.
  - Admin can add Terms & Conditions for guest to accept (mandatory) prior to reservation.
  - Admin can add Room Information and add unlimited images.
  - Admin can upload unlimited image for Photo Gallery section.
  - Admin can select hotel facility for adminr hotels.
  - Learn details of  Hotel Admin, Hotel information feature.
2. Add unlimited rooms: admin can add unlimited rooms under any types of room.
3. Define room's availability and close out: Here admin can define each single room availability and closeout date.
4. Rates and Occupant type: Here admin can create unlimited rate define each single room rates and occupant type.
5. Create multiple user account for single hotel: Here admin can create Hotel user and provide section based access for content maintanence.

Front End Website Feature:
1. Standard Hotel or Property Search Module : Allow user to search hotels by specified Country, State, City and Check in and Checkout date.
2. Property Search Module: Allow you to search all hotels / property and all rooms or single unit using Check in and Checkout Date.
3. Top Destination Module: Allow you to display top destinations hotels and property and number of available hotels each countries.
4.  Booking Cart Module: Allow guest to booking multiple room in one hotel by adding room into booking cart which allow user to see all competitive price during searching room in website.
5.  Hotel Admin Module: Allow hotel admin to access all information of hotels and add / edit / delete hotel rooms, rates and occupant types from Joomla front end area.
6. Country Based Search Module: Allow you to search any specific Countries all states hotels and property by defining all or any room type with state of the art check in date and check out date feature. Lear more about Country based search module

Client feature (Registered client after booking hotel or property room):
1. Manage personal information: Allow client to manage personal information using user management feature.
2. Manage Booking report : Allow client to see details of booking and request for booking cancellation, extend, re-schedule under hotels terms and condition.

N.B: Considering necessity of the system in several hosting platform we have designed reservation system both for Windows hosting(ASP.Net based development platform) and  Linux Hosting(PHP based development platform)

For demo access, please click here & mail us for access and necessery information.

If you have any further inquiries, please contact us for details.