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"This provider is extremely ethical, honest and hard working. He always kept me updated about the progress of the project and went the extra mile to ensure that I was satisfied. It is rare to find someone with this combination. I highly recommend him."

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Remote Video Surveillance System PDF Print
Praxis partnered with a Singapore based Security Company to develop Video surveillance software solution for office or home security and remote video surveillance and broadcasting. It monitors user's home or office 24 hours a day, captures motion event using webcam, saves into compressed video clips with audio and triggers various alerts. It also has camera image broadcasting capability, which can publish your webcam on a remote website or viewer's embedded web server. Viewers can run in minimized mode, it can also be scheduled, or run as an NT service. It enables user to do remote video surveillance from anywhere in the world by real time video/audio streaming.

Salient Benefits:

  - It captures true video clips up to 640x480 frame size.
  - The events are completely logged, from the very beginning of or even seconds before the motion detection. 
  - The video log files produced by Watcher are well compressed to much less than 1% of its original size, and yet with high quality.
  - RemoteView can even save the streamed video into its local hard disk.
  - It has the broadcasting capability to broadcast the images captured from camera on to the internet. 
  - Broadcasting can be performed simultaneously with monitoring.

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