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Praxis ICT optimized the total back office processes through their dual-shore approach, providing us with superior service and cost-effective solutions. There infrastructure and IT security are comparable with very large organizations and they have the flexibility of a young and growing enterprise, which helps us to provide personalized service at international quality standards.
Lars Johnston
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Independent Software Vendors (ISV) opt for Software Reengineering and Performance Optimization due to

    * Inadequate design and architecture leading to performance and efficiency problems
    * Outdated technology hindering integration with newer products in the market
    * Lack of modularity impeding feature enhancements
    * Low end-user acceptance due to poor usability
    * And more

Software Reengineering and Performance Optimization are among our special services tailored to help ISVs breathe new life into their legacy products, protect their investment and reinforce product's market potential. With our unique approach tailored to meet the demands of ISVs, the returns from your existing product portfolio are many folds greater than anticipated.

Our team of analysts will scrupulously examine your product portfolio and suggest the optimal approach to enhance the existing code. Our software reengineering professionals are accomplished in terms of both the tools and technologies necessary to redesign a legacy software solution, and the appropriate domain expertise, which ensures we understand your reengineering and optimization needs.

Our re-engineering and performance optimization services include:

    * Re-architecting the products
    * Code refactoring
    * Incorporating modularity
    * Software redesigning
    * Re-evaluating new performance benchmarks for solutions
    * Identifying bottlenecks in existing solutions
    * Re-engineering solutions to cater to higher benchmarks
    * Testing to ensure compliance with new benchmarks

We provide performance optimization services by:

    * Optimization of existing solution implementation
    * Migrating to latest technologies
    * Migrating to third party components where appropriate
    * Migrating to faster Operating Systems where feasible
    * Migrating to faster hardware architecture