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"This provider is extremely ethical, honest and hard working. He always kept me updated about the progress of the project and went the extra mile to ensure that I was satisfied. It is rare to find someone with this combination. I highly recommend him."

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For every Independent Software Vendor, Quality Assurance and testing are crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. Poor product quality can result in loss of customers, higher support costs, loosing potential customers, legal issues, loss of market share and tarnished brand image. Achieving the right degree of in-house testing and QA capabilities can be expensive, resource-intensive and challenging considering other pertinent issues.

Praxis provides a comprehensive independent Quality Assurance (QA) and validation services adhering to the highest levels of security, usability, interoperability, integration and industry standard processes. Leveraging our dedicated testing teams, QA expertise and resource flexibility, we are positioned to enhance the quality of our clients' products while reducing time-to-market, product costs and management risks.

Our Solution

Praxis offers Quality Assurance and testing services to support clients' product validation requirements across the development lifecycle. Our offerings include:

Praxis Testing Services:
    * Unit, multi-unit & system testing
    * User acceptance testing (UAT)
    * Functional testing
    * Performance (stress, load, stability, memory leak, bottle-neck, benchmark etc.) testing
    * User interface and usability testing
    * Installation testing
    * Configuration testing
    * Security testing
    * Localization and Internationalization testing
    * Products integration testing
    * Technical documentation testing
    * Regression testing

Other Offerings:
    * Automation Solution Development
    * QA Consulting
    * Platform Certification