Migration & Porting

Ever changing enterprise architecture requires applications, databases and platforms to be migrated from one environment to another or to do a complete rethinking and restructuring of the IT systems.

Praxis helps enterprises transform their legacy applications to functionally rich systems that help them meet existing and future business demands. With the right tools, methodologies and templates, Praxis eases complexities and speeds up migration and re-engineering of critical business applications.

Based on OUR’s in house knowledgebase and man-years of experience in migration/reengineering, we devised a detailed approach in technology migration. This includes detailed assessment, planning, migration, testing and production support of applications. Spectrum has defined two broad categories for migration projects based on the recent trends in the industry:

Technology Migration

    * Legacy applications (Visual Basic, Power Builder, C++/VC++ etc) to multi tier application .Net.
    * Desktop or old web applications to Web 2.0 technologies

Platform Migration

    * Application running on old application server platforms to latest application server platforms.
    * OS, Database migration