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Praxis ICT has created a unique management system for the offshore financial services industry. It is a user friendly system that is easy to navigate and has enhanced the efficiency of our business. The team at Praxis ICT is more than happy to take on board any comments for further enhancement and have been very attentive to queries.

Timothy Schneider,

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Human Capital Management Solution PDF Print
An application to facilitate the complex task of managing human resources. A powerful tool, which enables user to manage personnel info, leave, attendance, overtime, shift, training, payroll, provident fund, bonus, performance appraisal and income tax. Features can be tailor made too in order to suit specific needs.  

Why you need it?

There was a time when businesses and organizations hired people to fill vacant positions. A side from trying to match skill sets with skill needs, employers gave scant thought to how each employee contributed to the organiztion's high-level strategic objectives. Today's "do more with less" parabox mandates that you extract the highest possible value from your work force. That's why; more that ever, your organization is positioned to optimized your human capital in many different ways, from consistenstly hiring the most qualified candidates to retaining the best and brightest employees.

"PraxisHRM" features a comprehensive set of HR, benefits, training, recruiting, and employee self-service features that lower costs, reduce administrative time, and empower employees. It's modular design let you choose the solution that's right for the needs of your company.

Major modules are:
Personnel Info Management
Shift, Attendance & Overtime
Leave Management 
Payment Management 
Bonus Management 
Loan/Advance Management 
Training Management 
Performance Appraisal 
Employee Self-Service Window 
Resources Tracking 
Report Suit 

If you have any further inquiries, please
contact us for details.