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Gabriel Clark-Brown

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In today's business process, paper work is time-consuming. Most of the official works are done on paper. For example; we create a requisition on paper and submit it to our line manager. Then he/she authorizes and transfers it to next higher person for approval. Then finally the requisition/file is approved. This process can take a long time. E-Office comes up with a solution and the whole process can be completed within minutes.
Salient features that make Praxis "E-Office" different:

In E-Office you can create all types of requisition or any other official paper work electronically. For example, you create a requisition from your PC then submit it to your line manager for approval. With just a click, you can do it. Your line managers automatically get your requisition and approve it and send it for next higher approval. There are many options to control the whole system. Main features are:
  - Create new user from locally or import user information from other data source then incorporate the user in E-Office.
  - Department Management System
  - Set user role/Enable/Disable user/Acting role setup
  - Line manager setup
  - User log/Form/Requisition log
  - Strong Form/Requisition Routing Management System
  - Multi level Routing step setup
  - Customize Common Form for user
  - Department wise form/requisition integration
  - Form/Requisition publish/unpublished facilities
  - High secured data management system
  - Auto data backup system
  - No need to install any extra application to every user pc
  - Runs in browser (IE)
  - Network support (intranet, LAN, MAN, WAN even INTERNET)
  - Data integration from different data sources

E-Office Benefits:
  - Enforces an identical work standard for everybody
  - Controlled & streamlined operation
  - Availability of reports, analysis, classification
  - Tracking of any operation
  - Paperless system of operation reduces stationery costs considerably
  - Error minimization

E-Office Modules:
iT has two parts. One part is User part and another part for administrator. User can only use form and administrator set role for user and form access and also create new role for e-flow process. User can use only forms according to their privileges. The administrator sets up the user roles of e-Flow. All privileges are managed from administrator end.

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