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Praxis ICT has created a unique management system for the offshore financial services industry. It is a user friendly system that is easy to navigate and has enhanced the efficiency of our business. The team at Praxis ICT is more than happy to take on board any comments for further enhancement and have been very attentive to queries.

Timothy Schneider,

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Praxis ICT is a leading business process automation & system integrator company in several identical verticals of ion based Technology solution service. It provides process automation, software development & workflow automation consulting services to small and medium businesses in various industry verticals through end to end ICT infrastructure design, development & management service.


* * Established in 2003.
* * Serving clients mostly in Australia, USA & Canada.
* * Successfully completed 450+ different size projects.
* * Industry expert IT resources.
* * Focused Practice Group.
* * Flexible engagement models.
* * Global vision, strategies and values for building rapport by providing cost effective solutions to various clients.

Value proposition:

Praxis ICT aspires to become the premier 'one stop' solution integrator to provide service towards a remarkable number of client base over the country for different business verticals. As such we focus on the following:
  - Deliver innovative solutions in diverse and complex areas with a strong focus on domain knowledge.
  - Work with clients as the Technology Implementation Partner to help clients gain competitive advantage in the market place.
  - Value long-term relationship with clients so every deal is closed solidly and with integrity.
  - Delivering cost effective outsource software solutions by implementing an onshore and offshore software development model.
We are committed to provide quality service and meet constantly customer satisfactions through our "Innovation at Work".