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Office services: Centralization and standardization of the correspondence service process, registration of incoming and outgoing correspondence, content verification/categorization, distribution of documents as hard copies or in an electronic form, optimization of the distribution of documents, reporting statuses in on-line mode.

Document imaging
: Collecting and storing customer data, including application forms and supporting identity documentation, is a core component of any customer verification process. However, capturing such data can be time-consuming and costly, while storing it in hard copy can increase costs in handling, storage or destruction.
Scanning Services: Scanning Services, Document Conversion, CAD Conversion together with Scanners and Scanning Software. These are but a part of the total range of capabilities that Scan Conversion Services provides to our diverse range of private and public sector clients. 

Electronic archiving of documents: Sscanning, automatic data recognition – OCR/ICR/OMR, indexing – manual input of data, export to the customer's systems/integration with the customer’s systems, making documents in the electronic archive available via the Internet.

Registration of data in the customer’s systems:
Receiving documents, formal verification, registration of data in the customer’s systems (contracts, invoices, orders), activation or deactivation of services, distribution of the original document for further processing, remote contact with the customer (telephone/ e-mail); explaining exceptions, supplementing data, archiving.

Electronic circulation of documents: Receiving documents, categorization/scanning/indexing, defining processes in the system, electronic distribution of documents, system support, functional development of the system.

Managing paper documents: Archiving originals, ordering documents, barcoding, shredding and sharing paper documents, archive and office standards, archiving consultancy.

Consultancy in the scope of back-office process: Analysis of back-office processes and resources, formulating and assessing possible solution options, selection of optimal solutions and preparation of improvement project, cost and functional optimization of the process.

Supporting applications:
Office systems, document management system (DMS), electronic circulation of documents/business process management (BPM), support system (Helpdesk), a system supervising the handling of correspondence, interfaces for customers’ domain systems – ERP/CRM/financial and bookkeeping systems.
Disaster Recovery: Our environmentally controlled data vault manages computer media, microfilm, microfiche, tape libraries and other valuable records as if they were our own. We provide the data record management and storage solutions, including strict maintenance of temperature, relative humidity, fire ratings and suppression systems. Our facilities provide the optimum conditions for ensuring the long-term protection of your media assets.

Significant investment and technology has been incorporated into the customised design and construction of the data storage vaults to protect your backup data, archived legacy data and other business information. Our clients are ensured business continuity and peace of mind knowing that their vital business information is protected.

Online Backup: In today's data-driven organisations, information has become the lifeblood of many businesses and is an increasingly valuable and costly organisational asset. Data protection is a complex process with multiple steps and despite the best efforts of IT teams, a failure at any step can result in critical data loss and very costly downtime. This increasing complexity, growth of corporate data, shortage of skilled resources, new regulatory requirements and more advanced technological threats all create greater anxiety about the risk of data loss and the resulting outcomes.
Call Center Services: We are providing call center outsourcing, consulting and Management services that can save your business money in labor-intensive, high cost areas. We provide complete telesales to help increase your company's revenues, inbound sales, customer service, and even email support be sure customers experience the utmost quality and functionality of products and services.